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.Wednesday, February 10, 2010.9:18 PM

2dae morning call her to wake up as i scare she can wake up on time 4 her meeting but called but noone pick up so i think she has already wake up but drop her a sms in case she still slping...

chat with her awhile then off she go to work...dunno when will my dream come true, haiz..new year wun b a good wan i guess ):

.Tuesday, February 9, 2010.8:14 PM

6 more days to new year..wohhoooo...cant wait 4 the extra money..heexx..2dae nth much to do in office cos alot ppl not here...yeah (:

this few days can take a good rest after CNY will b busy liao ..sian on 18th de off i think they wan me to change to this thurs lor ... ):

hope they wun change lor if not it will b sian liao..tot nx wk can take a long rest lor...yill here bah

.Monday, February 8, 2010.8:21 PM

wkends went shopping with my bros and v long nv had a good nice chat with aloy and tinn liao..bought clothes 4 CNY le but still looking 4 normal outing de ..

went to a nice place 4 better chat and tat place was really can say a nice place to slack plus the price there not ex but only thing is need car go if not v hard to go..

missing her alot...got 3 days nv c her le ):

.Sunday, February 7, 2010.11:57 PM

2dae morning went jogging then washed my car...then afternoon din do anything till evening went meet soon de v last min 4 dinner and of cos somethings else but ended up was not wat i expected ):

tml it another wk and soon to new year...yeah extra money coming ..hahhax...off to personnal dairy..hahhax ):

.Friday, February 5, 2010.9:29 PM

2dae i off from work cos last wk been helping in an event, so they gave me two days off...the other i put it in 18th...whahahha...morning went 4 a v early job then wash my car 4 the first time since collect..

heex..mux b wondering y i wake up so early to jog rite..wahhaha..got reason de ..it will b a secret.. (:

tml mux shop 4 my new year clothes or no time le..hope can get it lor, cos dun wish to wear old wan in 1st day of the new year.. (:

this few days have been helping my mum to get some new year stuff..so far sit my car the most de is her ..heex.. (:

.Thursday, February 4, 2010.8:08 PM

past two days nv manage to blo9g cos been busy doing my car and was quite happy cos i finally saw princess and has been fetching her after her work..

i hope i can fetch her forever and share her problem..will try to solve her problem and help her when even she need or not..

her job really has a good future, feel happy 4 her but abit xin ku la 4 nw..cos door to door it not easy ..

2dae cant fetch her cos need go temple but if times allow i wish to de ..she will b leaving to malaysia till sun...miss miss lor ):

hope she faster come bax..(:

.Monday, February 1, 2010.9:59 PM

2dae morning reach office suddenly heard my name once i step in the office...i been assign to 1 of the DXO as her pa..and she is the most busy wan but anyway i dun mind, at least i can learn some more things...

morning was helping 1 of the sgt then afternoon my new boss..then tat how i spend my days and tml my boss wun b in the office if i not wrong..and hope tml i can get my car so i can fetch someone (: ...which i wanted long ago..hahhax..till here bah ..tml going to buy new dairy cos i find my handwriting sux dun suit princess de dairy and i tear out those tat i wrote...i really feel so sad tat i bu xiao xin make the book so ugly andgot the tear mark there ..but i will treasure the book and wun demage it anymore...i swear with my heart...



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2dae morning call her to wake up as i scare she ca...
6 more days to new year..wohhoooo...cant wait 4 th...
wkends went shopping with my bros and v long nv ha...
2dae morning went jogging then washed my car...the...
2dae i off from work cos last wk been helping in a...
past two days nv manage to blo9g cos been busy doi...
2dae morning reach office suddenly heard my name o...
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